eBlack Story

Elaine Black

The Eblack Jewelry story began as Elaine was beating cancer several years ago. With the support and love of family, friends, and her companion Razz, Elaine was able to regain here health.  Ironically, as Elaine was healing, Razz became ill and was no longer able to walk.  Veterinarians throughout the area were sought out and the prognosis was there simply was nothing that could be done.  Fortunately for Razz, Elaine choose not to give up, and in a short time, she found a neuro surgeon that could help Razz and he was able to make a full recovery.

This was when Elaine realized just how many people have lost their closest four-legged friends even though something could be done, and this led Elaine to start Nova Light Source as a nonprofit organization to act as an advocate and fundraising resource focused on illuminating good works locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In order to encourage people to donate to this nonprofit, Elaine started designing and selling jewelry with the proceeds going to Nova Light Source.  

Her talent and success with her jewelry designs brought the birth of eBlackJewelry – creating new designs that would add a unique flair to any fashion.  Starting literally from scratch, she sourced beautiful natural materials from around the world that she knew would provide a distinct trendsetting statement no matter what the occasion. 

One of the hallmarks of the eBlackJewelry line is Sophisti-Cuffs™ – “Matching bangles for the wrists and ankles”.  Such a simple but elegant idea had never been offered anywhere in the market, and eBlackJewelry brought the idea out to fashion trendsetters and jewelry aficionados everywhere.   Elaine’s designs and concepts for her beautiful jewelry even garnered support from one of the original Sharks from “Shark Tank” and that relationship has led to robust manufacturing and logistics support as Elaine brings her designs to the global market.









Please visit www. NovaLightSource.org- a nonprofit organization that is an advocate and fundraising resource focused on illuminating good works locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Thank you